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Restaurant Services

For over 15 years, New Leaf has been providing Southern California restaurants with fast, friendly, and clean service for their cooking oil recycling needs.

Along with the UCO Collection, New Leaf can perform Grease Trap cleaning and maintenance to keep you clean and compliant.

Biodiesel Production

New Leaf has provided low-carbon, high-quality biodiesel to Southern California. With loading racks in San Diego and the Inland Empire, New Leaf offers 24-hour fueling at both locations.

Known for going the extra mile to assure quality and compliance for our customers, New Leaf holds certifications for both the BQ9000 Producer and Marketer programs and provides verified Q-RINs through EcoEngineers’ Quality Assurance program.

New Leaf sells direct to wholesale refiner and truck stop customers throughout Southern California. If you are a local fleet interested in using biodiesel, please contact SC Fuels to discuss how you can incorporate biodiesel into your fueling needs.

Biodiesel + Climate Change

Biodiesel made from used cooking oil is one of the lowest carbon intensity fuels in wide use. Carbon intensity is the amount of carbon dioxide produced for each unit of energy produced.

New Leaf biodiesel has the added benefit of having the lowest carbon intensity score in California.

What this means is that for every gallon of New Leaf biodiesel used it releases less than 25% of the carbon released from regular diesel as well as much lower levels of pollutants harmful to health.

While electricity may be the future, the average carbon intensity electricity generation in California today is also much higher than biodiesel.

This makes our product an excellent transitional transport fuel to quickly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve health. Providing safe and clean reuse of used cooking oil means that unlike some other renewable fuels, New Leaf requires no additional crops to be grown, farmland use or long-distance transport to make our biodiesel.


Why Work With New Leaf?

We pride ourselves on superior customer service, offering live person support during work hours and a timely on-call response after hours and weekends. We maintain a high level of professionalism with our clean vehicles and helpful technicians. In addition to our high service standards, we also use industry leading technology such as advanced routing software, specialized CRMs and a remote tank monitoring system that allows us to look at the levels inside your tank and eliminates call-ins.

New Leaf is setting the standard for professionalism and dependability.

Meet Your Operations Team

Jessica Dominguez

Restaurant Services Coordinator