New Leaf Biofuel
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New Leaf not only contributes to our community’s present, but also its future. Our plant in Barrio Logan provides high-paying manufacturing jobs to the local community. These jobs come with top-notch benefits, both for the employees and their families, helping them live happy and healthy lives.

Our biofuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%. This reduction has profound impacts both on a global and local scale. Globally, lower greenhouse gases means lower risks of devastating consequences of climate change such as rising sea levels and more frequent natural disasters. Locally, it means lower asthma and cancer rates, and preserving our beautiful San Diego skyline. By using cleaner fuel, our children and grandchildren will get to experience clean, fresh air – an idea that everyone can get behind.

Interested in seeing how our plant works or learning more about sustainable fuel? Our facility is open for tours by appointment.

Send us a message any time at to book a tour. You can also reach us through our Contact Page.