Our Process

We are able to achieve our mission of providing Southern California with high quality biodiesel fuel by manufacturing it locally at our plant in San Diego.


Our process begins with used cooking oil, which we collect from over a thousand local restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, casinos, and other industrial kitchens.  Our drivers bring that used fryer oil back to the manufacturing plant where it goes through a rigorous cleaning process, preparing the product (feedstock) for the next step.  Once the oil is cleaned up and settled, it is pumped into our biodiesel processor where our operators work 24/7 to manufacture that oil into high quality biodiesel fuel.

Once the finished product is pumped out into our holding tanks, it is then sold to local fleets and distributors.  These fleets are using biodiesel blended with diesel in their engines, which directly displaces diesel fuel usage, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% and allowing all of us to breathe a little easier!