About Our Biodiesel

New Leaf Biofuel is a biodiesel producer whose goal is to provide San Diego with a high quality alternative fuel that is environmentally sound and made from local resources. We achieve this by converting used cooking oil collected from local restaurants into biodiesel, a renewable fuel that can be used in diesel engines.

At our local plant, we currently have the capacity to produce up to 6 million gallons of fuel each year. We sell our fuel in bulk to large fleets and local distributors. We also run our entire fleet of trucks on 100% biodiesel!

New Leaf is not a fueling station, rather, a fuel manufacturer. If you are interested in fueling your fleet with our fuel, or becoming a distributor, contact us at 619.236.8500.

If you are looking to fill up your personal vehicle with biodiesel, please check out our quick guide on where to get biodiesel.